• on 15th November 2021

Auditions for Passion Play

We have a couple of ‘main’ roles available for the 2022 Passion play!
If you would like to be involved but haven’t had the chance, we will be auditioning for the Roman Captain and Simon Zealot. Sadly the two original cast members are unable to commit for 2022.
The Captain has one main scene where he encounters Jesus who then heals his sick servant. He is also present at the trial and crucifixion of Jesus ‘supporting’ Pilate.
Simon Zealot is visible for most of the play as one of the loyal disciples, but with only a few ‘one liners’ dotted around the piece.
Auditions will be held on 28th November at 3pm until 5pm latest in North Street Halls, Hornchurch. You don’t need to prepare anything, we just read through some of the script and see how you get on.
We also always needs crowd, soldiers and still have space for a couple of Priests, so even if you don’t get these roles, you will be welcome to become part of the cast for 2022!
For those of you already involved…… please share this and ask around your churches….. I am very sure there is untapped talent!
 Also, take a look at our gallery for some photos and videos of previous plays to give you an idea of what we are about.
Finally. We are still looking for a musical director to lead the choir and band through six songs during the performance. They are all familiar tunes and songs and add significantly to the atmosphere of the play. If anyone would like to be involved or knows someone who might be interested, please let me know.
God bless
HPP Director

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