• on 1st June 2021

Charity of the Month for June

Many of us enjoy the company of some small furry animals, mainly cats, dogs, Guinea pigs and rabbits in the UK. Our furry friends have been proven to help with stress and coping with trauma. Some times just being there when no one else is, a friend with no hidden agenda, just needing love, feeding and maybe walking.

Some animals in the world are not as luck to have a loving home, or their home is destroyed by a natural disaster. These animals are helped by charities like Four Paws. Whether that be getting veterinary help to a region hit by a hurricane, taking animals to a shelter to nurse back to health, after mistreatment or finding them a new home. Strays on the streets are also captured and nurtured to stop the increase in population. In some countries animals in shelters are euphuised if they are older even if they are well. Four Paws promotes and actively encourages people to take on an older companion animal as they are already trained and their personalities are known so they can be matched with the right type of family.  All this work is possible by the kind donations of many to help with the costs of responding to situations and housing animals waiting for new homes. To help them continue their work please donate via the following ways:

  1. Giving a cheque to St Andrew’s parish payable to ‘Hornchurch PCC’ clearly mark on the reverse as ‘Charity of the Month Four Paws, which we will then collect together and send as donations at the end of the month.
  2. Give direct to the charity via their website using this link


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