• on 1st October 2020

Charity of the Month for Nov

Getting food banks what they need, when they need it

How it works

Give once or give monthly to any food bank signed up to Bankuet.

After you’ve given, Bankuet will ensure your donation is dropped off at the food bank at a time most convenient to them.

Their story

Once upon a time there was a food crisis with hidden hunger affecting millions of people in the UK. Every day, people who might live near you didn’t have enough to eat, children were going hungry whilst other people had way too much food – more than they needed.

People wanted to help but there wasn’t an easy way for them to do so. One day, we used technology to bring together those who needed food the most, with those who had more than enough and were happy to help.

Because of that, people got fed. Because of that, way more people wanted to help and more people got fed. Until finally, we managed to rescue millions of people from hidden hunger, increase food security, reduce food wastage and help re-build communities

If you’d like to know more and how you can help go to Bankuet



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