• on 30th September 2019

Charity of the Month for October


SAT-7 is a Christian TV network for the Middle East and North Africa. SAT-7 was born in the Middle East and is based in the Middle East. The production staff are Egyptians, Syrians, Turks, Lebanese, Iranians, Algerians, Tunisians – who all have a burning passion to share Christ’s love and encourage Christians in their faith, especially in areas where there is no public Church. 

Why television? When you consider that 99% of Middle Easterners have access to television; a large number of people in this region, particularly women, can’t read a newspaper, and 50% of the population are below the age of 25 – a ‘visual’ generation – then it becomes clear what a fantastic opportunity television provides to share the Good News on a vast scale!

Most ordinary Middle Easterners have never met a Christian and have a limited or distorted understanding of what Christians believe. SAT-7’s programmes strive to overcome misconceptions and give a Christian view on issues facing people living in the region. For further details visit their website Sat7

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