• on 1st September 2019

Charity of the Month for September

This was our year 2018

A review of how many tools we sent and where we sent them.

We believe in being open, transparent and honest with our supporters, so at the end of the year we let them know what we have been up to.  I hope when you see the figures below, you will agree, we have been rather busy!  With just four paid staff, one of which is part time, we rely on a team of over 400 volunteers across the country.  The figures below are a testament to their dedication, enthusiasm and sheer hard work,  They in turn are supported by teams of volunteers in working in all the countries we support.  They help groups apply, advise on setting up sustainable and realistic projects and receive our containers and distribute our tools.

Together with the committed giving and prayers of our supporters in the UK, we are Tools with a Mission and this was our year.

Tool Kits sent and where we sent them

Last year we sent fifteen 20 foot containers and one 40ft container, containing around 24 tonnes of donated tools.  All the tools were inspected, refurbished and sorted into trade kits.  The vast majority were collected by our team of over 200 volunteer collectors and delivered to our Refurbishment Centres by our volunteer van drivers.

We sent:

One 40 ft container to DR Congo

One 20 ft container to Tanzania

Five 20 ft containers to Uganda

Nine 20 ft containers to Zambia

In 2019 we hope to add Zimbabwe and Namibia to our list of countries supported. For further details please view the website




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