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It covers events from St Andrew’s Church, St George’s Church, St Matthew’s Church, Messy Church and other local community venues.

Inside our monthly publication you will find news from the parish, articles, what’s on and much more.  We print 900 copies of the Bullseye each month. Available in our Churches on the last Sunday of the month and at community venues soon after.

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic it was not possible to print and distribute the editions. We have made the previous two months available to download alongside the current month while restrictions continue , October 2021 Bullseye   November 2021Bullseye December 2021

Have you got something to say? 

If you would like to contribute an article or letter for the Bullseye please send it to the Parish Office or e-mail to article.bullseye@parishofhornchurch.co.ukeditor, and should be no longer than 350 words.) Closing date for articles is the first Sunday in the month preceding publication (e.g. to have your article appear in the July issue you need to have submitted it by the first Sunday in June).

Advertising in the Bullseye

Are you a business or a private enterprise who wants to advertise locally and on a website? (note on the website it will be in colour but we only print in black and white) We have two different size advertisements and a pricing schedule from 3 months to a year. So whether you are starting out and don’t want to spend too much on advertising, or you’re an established business and want to advertise somewhere new, we have rates to suit.

Small ad size 44mm x 105 wide – 3 issues £75, 6 issues £140, 9 issues £162, 12 issues £180

Large ad size 90mm x 105 wide – 3 issues £105, 6 issues £198, 9 issues £252, 12 issues £300

Please contact the Advertising Manager by emailing advert.bullseye@parishofhornchurch.co.uk for further details