• on 1st October 2023

Charity of the Month for Nov and Dec

This Charity of the month has been extended for another month due to collections for Toilet Twinning having an effect on the money raised.

In London the helicopter can reach casualties within 11 minutes and the crew can carry out live saving surgery at  the scene if necessary. Every day there at least 5 people who have need of this vital service.

The helicopters they are currently using have been in service for 20 years and are becoming old and difficult to maintain so need replacing urgently. Their appeal ‘Up Against Time’ is aiming to raise £15 million by autumn 2024 to replace their whole fleet.(2 helicopters).

The Air Ambulance receives no funding from the NHS or government. They are funded predominantly by public donations although they are supported by the Barts NHS Trust. The Air Ambulance London is a registered charity in its own right.

This charity has been working tirelessly with the NHS to develop rapid response pre hospital medicine. The average cost of a patient is £2,290 and the charity has to raise around £10 million each year in order to meet its running costs. Being their own charity allows them flexiability when developing procedures for patient care, as this is a unique and non sterile environment they are required to work in.

How can you help? Either donate via our Charity of the .Month appeal by dropping in a cheque to St Andrews Church payable to ‘Hornchurch PCC’ and clearly written on the back ‘Charity of the Month Air Ambulance London’, and we will collate donations and give to the charity at the end of the month; or you can donate via their website https://www.londonsairambulance.org.uk/donate?reason=up-against-time-appeal

Arlene Trump

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